Thursday, July 23, 2015

By saying no apology necessary for 'all lives matter', Jeb Bush in effect supports institutional and systematic racism.

Jeb Bush said, "We're so uptight and politically correct now that you apologize for saying lives matter."   

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Jeb, imagine your kind:
  • getting shot and killed for running from the police, for being stalked after leaving a store having purchased a bag of skittles and a drink
  • wrongfully targeted and threatened with a gun at a pool party that was legitimately held
  • killed at 12 years old for holding a toy gun, after only a split second encounter with the police
  • consistently ignored at the awards ceremony despite comparable winning performances
  • incarcerated at record levels compared to the rest of society
  • denied mortgages and rental housing despite having qualifying numbers
  • overlooked for jobs and promotions in statistically significant numbers
  • constantly reminded that your hair, lips, and body are "ugly", unattractive, and abnormal
  • prevented from furthering your education due to financial barriers
  • forced into cycles of poverty due to the above scenarios and discrimination since the day you were born
  • and, to sum it all up, to live in cycles of slavery.
So, you're saying that someone shouldn't apologize to your people for saying, "all lives matter" when your people are constantly being denied the freedom to live their lives in a fair, just, and dignified manner?

What you're doing, then, is looking the other way, away from the VERY problem that America faces. You're walking away from dismantling and destroying the INSTITUTIONAL AND SYSTEMATIC RACISM that keeps certain groups of people down while elevating others. 

This is what you value; this is what you espouse. JEB, are far out of reach from America. You do not CARE for the disadvantaged, the vulnerable, the impoverished, and the people who have been wrongfully wronged. 

And for that, I do not endorse you. I do not support you. And, I will NOT vote for you.