Sunday, December 20, 2015

19 Dark Skinned Women That Will Make You Crave For More!

Let's face it. Dark chocolate women don't get as much love as the caramels, milk chocolates, and white chocolate women. It is a damn shame, 'cause the dark chocolate crave is REAL!


Gents, lock your bedroom doors and whip out the lotion!

Ladies, ditch the skin-whitening cream, or, if you are into other women, whip out your toys!

Because, I guarantee you that these women will make you crave the 70%!

1. Yaya Dacosta

2. Nia Long

3. Heather Headley

4. Adaora Akubilo

5. Arlenis Sosa Peña 

6. Damaris Lewis 

7. Tomiko Fraser Hines

8. Geidy Mena Cuesta 
Geidy Mena Cuesta

9. Kiara Kabukuru

10. Kenia Martinez 

11. Veronique Boubane

12. Lydia Marsha 

13. Chavoy Gordon

14. Philomena Kwao

15. Lupita N’yong’o 

16. Isabel Correia 

17. Joelle Kayembe  

18. Danai Gurira

19. Michelle Obama

Who are your top 3? Any dark chocolates I am missing? 

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