Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Michelle Obama and Black Girls Rock! - Asian Guy Supports You!

First Lady Michelle Obama, I love your support for the "Black Girls Rock!" event! For far too long, Black females have been devalued, ridiculed, and shunned. From being told that their natural hair is messy and unprofessional, that their melanin-dense skin looks unattractive, and that they are undesirable partners, it's time that we flip the script.

To the haters...

...who say Michelle Obama is racist - It is NOT AT ALL RACIST for Michelle Obama to declare that Black girls rock. She was merely empowering a group of people who have been systematically and institutionally robbed of their opportunities to be regular girls and women. She did not say "Black girls are better than White girls." 

...who say #whitegirlsrock, #allgirlsrock, and anything with the intent of taking away the positive focus on Black girls - Your talking shit about #blackgirlsrock really shows the 6-year old in you. You're that 6-year old kid who has all the toys, but when you see a kid sitting next to you getting a toy, just ONE TOY, you shit your diapers, throw a fuss, and call the kid out for having one toy.

REALLY?!? How ignorant, uneducated, and selfish are you?!

Please, take off your Nikes and put yourself in Black girls' shoes. Really examine your #nonblackprivilege or your #nonblackgirlprivilege, and juxtapose that with the Black girl experience. What difference do you see?

If America hadn't oppressed Black girls and women, we wouldn't need to hold a "Black Girls Rock!" event, because Black girls would be treated comparably to that of White girls.

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