Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nellie Andreeva and Deadline: Take Your White Fragility Elsewhere

REALLY, s co-editor-in-chief of Deadline, you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering writing how "ethnic castings" could be "too much of [a] good thing".

Hot Dough: Hollywood: Take Notes From The Walking Dead

It's like saying, "Universities nationwide had a 90% student population consisting of Whites up to now, but this past year, it's dwindled down to 80%. There are too many non-Whites attending Universities!! I think having 20% of non-Whites making up the student population might be too much!!"

"There are too many ethnic people!! I can't breeeaathe!!"
You, among other like-minded folks, seem to feel stressed that your White privilege, your entitlement, your White supremacy thinking, is being challenged. 

We don't tolerate ignorance. Please take your White fragility elsewhere - preferably not anywhere near communities and allies of ethnic people. 

P.S. - Read this: Dear Nellie Andreeva and Deadline, About Your Piece on Too Much “Ethnic Casting” on TV

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