Saturday, January 2, 2016

Asian Fathers Value Their Darker Skinned Daughters

My insides do flips and somersaults when I see Asian dads with their darker skinned children. One time, Brooke and I were shopping at Walmart, and I saw an Asian man in his 30's pushing a shopping cart with his dark skinned, coily haired daughter in the flip-up child seat. He was like Dwayne Johnson in The Pacifier on a mission - he couldn't care less of what you thought of him and his daughter. Another time, I saw a Black girl ranging from 5-8 years old holding hands with her Asian father in his late 30's to 40's, looking at clearance toys at Target. The father was engaged with his daughter in their quest to find the perfect toy. Another time, I saw an Asian dad holding hands with his 5-6 year old daughter, strolling through the streets.

My emotions had urged me to go up to the father and salute him, and tell his daughter, "You're in good hands." But my brain was telling me, "Don't be a creep and move right along." Knowing that I did not want to come across as a weirdo, I high-fived the fathers and daughters in my head as I walked on by, smiling. 

Now, you might ask, "Why are you so happy about seeing Asian fathers with darker skinned children?!"

Because day in and day out, I keep seeing photos, ads, and movies that keep stuffing my mouth with corn pop cereals with whole milk for breakfast, potato salad mushed between 2 white Wonderbread slices for lunch, fettuccine alfredo for dinner, and vanilla ice cream with marshmallows, white chocolate, and whipped cream on top for dessert. Media loves light skinned females, and works incredibly hard to make everyone else desire them as well. 

I am sorry, media, but this Asian fell in love at a young age with Cocoa Puff cereal with chocolate milk, Nutella spread smeared between 2 dark rye bread slices, black rice supplemented with cooked black beans, and dark chocolate ice cream with magic shell chocolate, blackberries, brownie bits, and Hershey kisses on top. I love women with skin tones covering all colors of the rainbow, and would be totally fine with my children looking darker skinned. 

So, it warms my heart when I see other Asian men who are like me - we value and appreciate melanin-rich skin color of our women and children, and do not blindly succumb to the white-washing from the media.

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