Friday, January 10, 2014

Rain's "LA Song" Music Video is Racist Towards Black Women

Over 70% of the depiction of Black women in White mainstream media have conformed, in one way or another, to the White's stereotypical embodiment of Black women (e.g., overweight, unattractive, obnoxious, hyper-aggressive, poor, etc.).

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As an Asian man who has seen all the, ahem, spotlight that White media has put Asian men in, I understand, to a significant degree, the plight Black women encounter.  

So, when I heard about the "racism" in Rain's “LA song” music video (an Asian media outlet!), I was curious to see how much more "racist" an Asian media source can shine on Black women

So, to Youtube I went, and searched for the music video (here's the English translation of the lyrics).

When the music video showed pimped-out Rain walking towards a Black woman who was sitting down on a bench... mind was praying, "Don't fuck up, brotha. Play it smooth." All the while I felt my heart skip a beat (cause you hardly ever see Asian men approach Black women in mainstream media). 

Then, he goes in for the big "K"...
...and seeing this

turn into this...
...made me furious!

Rain, did we just time travel from 2014 to 1810? Clearly, we haven't evolved any more than we did back when Saartjie Baartman was put on display for all the Europeans to exploit and dehumanize. 

Rain, you say in your lyrics that you are "not someone who does the typical". Sure, going for a Black girl is "not typical" for an Asian man. But portraying a Black woman in the stereotypical boundaries the way White mainstream media depicts Black women puts you in the same boat as it. You are no different than White mainstream media. In other words, you are "someone who does the typical". 

Now, if you were to depict a Black woman in silhouette as curvaceous yet sexy, then, you are truthful to your words.

Other than that, Rain, please get off your high ego and portray Black women more respectfully, or leave Black women alone and take one of your flat ass sistas as your main attraction.


  1. I had to read as soon as I saw the title.

    I'll be the first to admit I was extremely pissed off and hurt when I saw this part of the video,apart of feels like this man has never really been around black women enough (yeah he worked with lil Kim and a few other black women)realize how little things like this can be fucked up.

    maybe it wasnt done intentionally to hurt anybody,But that doesn't change the fact that he allowed this in his video.

    Did he think about the black women that make up a good percentage of his fan base? (my mom is a fan too) seems to me he didn't.

    Dude needs some black female friends instead of letting the media brainwash his perception of black women.

    1. Exactly. It's like people who are too ignorant to realize their racist jokes are inappropriate/insensitive.